Best Stretches To Give Relief From Neck Pain

Best Stretches To Give Relief From Neck Pain
Neck muscles play an important role in the human body and can become tense or sore, especially for those who spend a lot of time sitting stationary in front of computer screens. Neck pain is the third most common type of pain. Approximately two thirds of the population will experience neck pain in their lifetime. Its side effects can be mild or severe and interfere with normal daily functioning such as sitting, turning, and sleeping. The majority of respondents had suffered neck pain for longer than a year. The survey also showed that women are three times more likely to suffer with this health problem than men.

Here are some exercises that can do almost anywhere to ease a sore neck.

Chin Retractions
Chin retractions is an advanced exercise and definitely helps us to improve our range of motion. For this exercise we will only have to lie down on our bed and stay a little patient. Once we are lying down, bend our knees first. Now look up towards the ceiling and make sure our nose is perpendicular to the ceiling. Start nodding our head slowly, but try not to move our neck. Bring our nose back to the vertical position once again and do the same exercise at least ten times. When we are comfortable with this exercise, push it up to 20 times. This exercise helps to restore normal head position on top of the spine, allowing the neck muscles to relax and correction posture.

Shoulder Blade Squeezes
Shoulder Blade Squeezes is effective exercise. It is important to maintain good posture habits during our sitting and standing exercises. These exercises could help us to improve our neck posture. For this, we will only require a chair. Make sure we are seated straight with our knees bent at a 90-degree angle. The whole purpose of the exercise will help us to raise the chest region that will ultimately improve our head and neck posture.

Head Drops
Head drops are actually good for improving neck posture. They also relieve any kind of sickness or head pain we could be experiencing at this point. We can sit on a chair or just stand up in order to do this one. Move head upwards at first and push it backwards as much as we can. Then come back to the neutral position. Repeat this exercise around 10 times and do it twice.

Side Bends
Side bends is also one of the greatest neck posture exercises. It is one the easy exercises which can definitely aid improve our neck posture over time. For this exercise first bring our right hand and place it on the top of our head. Now push our head in the right direction with the help of our hand until we feel a stretch. Now return to a neutral position. Repeat it 5 times.

Rotation is an easy regular basis exercise to improve neck posture as well as strengthen the neck muscles. We can sit on a chair, bring our head into a retraction position. Turn our head diagonally towards the right so that our nose is over the shoulder. Bring it back to the neutral position. Now repeat this exercise for the next 5 minutes. Continue on both sides.
However, these exercise, in the form of neck strengthening, stretching, and proprioceptive exercises, can decrease the risk of neck pain and improve the symptoms of neck pain.